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Teams Can Offer 10-Day Contracts Now

Starting today, NBA teams can offer players 10 day contracts. This is good news for D-League players looking to break into the big show and it might be a useful tool for teams that are hurting or bone weary tired from the compressed schedule. I think the Celtics could qualify for both descriptions (though they are looking better lately).

The one position that the C's are weakest at is center so it might make some sense to look at who's available at that spot. SBNation takes a look at the best D-League prospects by position. Here's the one that jumped out to me.

NBA 10-Day Contracts Begin: A Primer On The D-League's Top Call-Up Candidates -

Jeff Foote, 24, Springfield Armor Season Summary: There aren't many legitimate 7-footers in the D-League, meaning Foote probably has a leg up on the majority of his competition. He's taken advantage of it, however, as he's currently averaging 14.6 points and 8.5 rebounds in 21 games for the Armor. Scout's Take: "Foote's the best center prospect in the league when considering his size, ability to run the court and soft hands for a guy his height. He's definitely not a finished product, but it wouldn't be surprising to see him on an NBA bench later this year."

On the other hand, that same post listed Mikki Moore as "the best true center in the D-League." Well, that's encouraging.

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