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Celtics Climb The Power Rankings

If you care about such things, ESPN has us all the way up to 11:

NBA Basketball Power Rankings - National Basketball Association - ESPN

The Boston Celtics, meanwhile, have moved to the brink of the top 10 after a long and uncharacteristic spell in the bottom half of the rankings thanks to their defense-fueled surge that came despite point guard Rajon Rondo missing for eight games with a wrist injury.

The Celts are on a 7-1 surge, having held the opposition to 81 points per game in that run and would have swept all eight had they finished off the Cavs at home. Paul Pierce, meanwhile, is about to pass Larry Legend as the second-leading scorer in team history. So why the glum faces, Bostonians?

I have no idea what you are talking about Stein. This is a basketball site. We only speak of other sports when it makes us happy. Just like I only link to these things when they are good news. I'm a homer like that.

SBNation isn't quite as ready to rise us in the ranks just yet. Ziller only has us at 15.

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