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Paul Pierce Passes Larry Legend In Celtics Win

Oh Captain, my Captain. Let us all pause and give the Truth a blogging ovation.


Now, for a quick word from the coach (pregame comments):

Pierce passes Bird on C's scoring list - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"Whenever you pass anybody in Boston, that means you’re old, No. 1," joked Celtics coach Doc Rivers before Tuesday's game. "That’s the only way you can get there. You’ve had to play a long time, because the history of this franchise and the numbers that are amassed. It’s just amazing -- his longevity and he’s been relatively injury free... and he’s been so consistent throughout his career. "Passing Larry Bird in anything is pretty impressive."

Here here. Well said (with his trademark humor).

In case anyone missed it this offseason, here's my personal tribute to Paul Pierce. Love that guy.

As far as some other notes from the game: Rondo got 10 points, 14 assists, and no turnovers. That's impressive. Garnett got 22, Ray got 17, Bass chipped in with 13. All in all a pretty typical night against a team like the Bobcats. So the story of the night was and is Paul Pierce.

Take a bow Captain.

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