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Stiemsma Will Stick Around: Contract Guaranteed

Yesterday I posted some information about potential 10 game contract guys we could get from the D-League to help add depth at center. What I neglected to mention was that we already have a D-League graduate center on our roster who knows our system reasonably well and has even shown flashes of being able to contribute.

I think Greg Stiemsma is a good enough backup plan in case of injuries and he might be able to contribute from time to time when we need some shot blocking on the floor.

He also got a big vote of confidence from the team today.

Pregame: Stiemsma safe; Bass back

Celtics rookie center Greg Stiemsma admitted nerves kicked up a bit when he learned that the deadline for contracts to go guaranteed essentially was Tuesday evening (it actually occurs Friday, but due to the waiver process, players needed to be released before tip-off on Tuesday). Stiemsma, the only Celtics player whose contract was not fully guaranteed for the season, didn't get an official call (heck, coach Doc Rivers admitted even he didn't know that Tuesday was the key date), but the fact that his jersey was still hanging in his locker stall before Tuesday's game against the Charlotte Bobcats bode well for him.

Congrats Greg.

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