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Paul Pierce Added To All Star Team; Other Celtics Not

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Well, Paul Pierce deserves the nod. I thought Rajon Rondo did as well but I guess he was hurt for a few weeks which hurt his case.

NBA All-Star Game 2012: Paul Pierce Only Celtics Players On East Roster - SB Nation Boston

Feb 9, 2012 - BOSTON - Paul Pierce, who passed Larry Bird on the Boston Celtics all-time scoring list in the team's last game, has reportedly been voted into the 2012 NBA All-Star Games on February 26, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Pierce is the only representative of the Celtics to be selected to this game. This is Pierce's 10th All-Star selection during his career. Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Brandon Bass were all snubbed for the game. "I like them all to [make it]," said Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. "I guess the rest this year would be important, but overall it would be a good achievement."

Not sure I'd call Brandon Bass a "snub" but that's just picking nits. I'm just glad that KG and Ray will get to rest (and Rondo will be forced to).