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Celtics Blocked In Overtime, Can't Beat L.A.

Pierce missed the shot at the end but Ray Allen got the rebound and the chance to win the game but Gasol got the block and that was the game. Celtics fall to Lakers in overtime.

  • Both teams shot the ball poorly (under .400) all night
  • Kobe, as usual, seems to hit the difficult shots at a higher clip than the normal ones
  • Hard not to get flashbacks to the Finals when Gasol and Bynum are getting tip-in baskets and there's nothing we can do about it
  • Everyone played heavy minutes in this one, so it hurts that much more to get the loss
  • Doc called up a good play at the end of regulation but for some reason Pierce didn't get the ball to Ray Allen - again, kind of reminds me of the broken play from the Finals (still hurts)
  • The ghost of Derek Fischer shot 0-7 tonight, so there's that
  • Bradley dressed but (apparently) couldn't play. We could have used him out there to hassle the Lakers point guards.
  • So tired of seeing Garnett miss layups in traffic. I wish he was just more aggressive and finished with authority instead of trying to finesse it up there.
  • Pierce had a below average night - which still happens against the Artest currently known as Metta more often than I'd like to admit
  • Lakers only made 1 three pointer?
  • Celtics only took 5 free throws?
  • Now the C's have to fly to Toronto to play tomorrow night. Will they have enough energy to beat the Raptors again?

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