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I Discuss Rondo Rumors On SBNation's New YouTube Channel

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Pretty self-explanatory title, but allow me to elaborate. Part of this big new SBNation Youtube Channel includes involvement with bloggers like myself who are producing site-specific reports.. So you'll see me posting video content and talking Celtics on what is currently being called a CelticsBlog team report. (You can also see the vids in the right sidebar below the FanPosts)

First of all, please remember that I'm new at this. They say some have a face for radio and I fear that I might have an on-screen persona for blogging, but that won't stop me from trying to get better. So patience please.

Secondly, please subscribe to the SBNation Channel (also see banner link at the bottom of this email).

Lastly, enjoy the video (even if you might not like the message). Thanks!

Rondo Rumors (via sbncelticsblog)

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube