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Rumor(s): Rondo's Attitude Too Much For Celtics

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The Celtics seem to be very serious about starting a new chapter without Rajon Rondo.

Report: Celtics shopping Rajon Rondo - Sports - The Boston Globe

Rajon Rondo’s future in Boston continues to be a story line as a report last night indicated the team is shopping its point guard and an NBA source said the Celtics are "listening’’ to offers.

An report said the Celtics have decided to trade Rondo after his attitude and personality have become too burdensome for the organization. An NBA source told the Globe the Celtics aren’t trying to dump Rondo but his name is being mentioned in deals, similar to the way it was when the team made a play for Chris Paul in December.

We all know Rondo has had his problems on and off with Doc, but now it seems like the Celtics are ready to do something about it. Rondo should be an All Star many more years throughout the rest of his career, but is he somebody to build a team around? This is what Danny and Doc have been asking themselves these past couple of months and they must have finally come to a conclusion.

Broussard: Why C's are shopping Rondo - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"With Rajon, it's a lot of personality conflict," Broussard says in the video above. "He's kind of introverted. He's stubborn, which can be a strength but can also be a weakness. He has trouble taking constructive criticism and he does clash a lot with Doc Rivers. They know he's a great player. They're not going to just give him away. But they feel like they probably can't rebuild around him because of the problems they do have with clashing with his personality."

If he is indeed dealt, the value coming in better be sufficient because losing a potential cornerstone for a franchise is a very big deal. Stephen Curry's name has been tossed around recently in Rondo talks. This is a deal that I'd say is agreeable because these two players are on a similar level. Curry stands at an earlier point of his career in the midst of his third season in the league to Rondo's sixth and brings a very special shooting touch, something Rondo has never had. We'll see what ends up happening here within the next two weeks, but it remains very possible that Rajon Rondo's time in Boston is nearly complete.

Update: Tom Ziller wonders if there might be a financial motivation to move Rondo as well.

Rebuilding Without Rajon Rondo: Celtics' Timing Issues Put All-Star On Market -

But there's a legit reason for the Celtics to unload Rondo right now beyond the personality issues, and that's the timing of the market. A player like Curry -- there are others who fit the same bill, like Tyreke Evans -- will be a small cap hit in 2012 salary cap rolls. While eventually Curry or Evans would be more expensive than Rondo based on projections that they'd receive max extensions, they will make half of what Rondo does next season. As the Celtics seek to open up as much cap space as possible in July, that's no small matter. If Ainge and Doc Rivers really believe in one of these young guards, letting go of Rondo with some immediate cap benefit in Year 1 of the rebuild could be just enough of a push to dip into faith.