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Jermaine O'Neal Out 2 More Weeks

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This is not a recording, this is not a duplicate post (though I could probably find one of several in the archives and republish it if I wanted to). In the least surprising news ever, we have word that Jermaine O'Neal is going to miss some more time.

Jermaine O’Neal to miss 2 weeks -

According to Celtics president Danny Ainge, O’Neal could be out for another 14 days while waiting for the pain-killing drug to do its work. "He’s going to need surgery at some point," said Ainge. "But he’ll play with it for now. He needed the surgery last season but wanted to play. Now, though, they think he’ll be ready to play in another 10 or 14 days."

It sounds like he's been dealing with pain for a while now since he decided to skip surgery so he could play another year. He'll be back at some point, but for how long? And will he still be a Celtic when he's ready to go? He's been involved in a couple of trade rumors lately (not even counting the David West preseason rumors) and he would be the easiest guy to move.

Sources: Pierce, Allen drawing most trade interest

In terms of Beasley and Odom, it appears that Jermaine O'Neal would be the Celtics player most likely to be included in such a deal. The Timberwolves would likely want more than O'Neal for Beasley, but that's not necessarily the case with the Mavs and Odom.

If he is traded, his new team can wait and see if he can contribute or they might just decide to buy him out to save some money. If that happened, he wouldn't be allowed to return to the Celtics but he might find a contending team that wanted him (like the Heat perhaps?). If not then he might elect to have that surgery and call it a career. I'm sure that isn't his first choice but it is one of his options.

Jermaine has been a stand up guy even if he's had trouble, standing up all the time. He seems like a good teammate and he's had a very nice career. If he's done in Boston I wish him well. If he's not, I wish him better health and a chance to prove all his doubters wrong.