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Will Celtics Make A Minor-Big Move?

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With or without Wilcox, the Celtics need someone with some size to come in and help. They will undoubtedly look around the league for a trade using what assets they have (think Jermaine O'Neal's expiring contract) but that might not turn up much. So they might make a minor deal or look to make a roster move. Of course that means having to cut someone loose.

How Wilcox's absence impacts the C's - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

You can't help but wonder if Boston will need to make a move at the back end of its roster this week to at least free a roster spot. If Marquis Daniels is struggling to get on the floor, you can't help but wonder if the team would be better served to free a spot that could be used to bring in a big man on a 10-day contract. As we've stressed in this space before, it's got less to do with Daniels -- a truly inspiring story in coming back after lats year's spine injury -- and more to do with the Celtics having a glaring need to add a big body at the moment, even if it's nothing more than emergency depth. The fact that Boston hasn't added a big man for the rest of the season seems to indicate that there's no one available out there that likely deserves more than a 10-day tryout (but maybe they can find another intriguing young bigman like Chris Johnson turned out to be last season).

That would be somewhat ironic considering that Marquis Daniels' injury last year around this time played a role in Danny Ainge making a move to secure depth at the small forward position (at the expense of the center spot). Now we might need to go in the other direction - hopefully with better results.