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Celtics Come Up Just Short (a.k.a. Lakers Too Tall)

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C's did a lot of looking up at the Lakers today.
C's did a lot of looking up at the Lakers today.

It was only fitting that a tip-in-alley-oop from Bryant to Bynum put the Lakers in the lead for good. Celtics just didn't have the height to hang with the Lakers today.

  • The Celtics were actually fortunate (or just that good) to be in this game after falling behind by 15 in the first half.
  • The Lakers dared Rajon Rondo to beat them, and he almost pulled it off with 24 points and 10 assists.
  • Interesting to see Brandon Bass matching Kobe shot for shot in the 4th and then getting the critical (and open) shot in the final seconds only to come up guessed it, just short.
  • Bynum got 20 points and 14 rebounds. Gasol added 13 and 13. Just. Too. Tall. (thankfully there's no team in the East built like this)
  • I really don't like Ron Artest, and yes, he'll always be Ron Artest to me. Same guy that started the Malice in the Palace almost started another fight today. That said, he always seems to get up for Celtics games.
  • Nice to see Pietrus come back after limping off in the first half. Came out of nowhere for a putback dunk too.
  • Solid games for the Big 3 as well. Just not enough to get the W.

Was this the last time we'll see Kobe and Pau vs. the Big 3 and Rondo? Maybe. If so, it was a good game that just didn't go the way we wanted. Then again, maybe we'll see them in the Finals. Stranger things...