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Orlando Would Like To Send Dwight Howard To Chicago

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Update number 2,351 on Dwight Howard, with at least that many still to come this week.

Ken Berger - Keep Dwight? Not if the Magic could trade him to Chicago

The Orlando Magic would like to seriously engage the Bulls in trade talks for Dwight Howard, but the All-Star center's apparent reluctance to make a long-term commitment to Chicago has all but killed the discussions, league sources told The feeling among rival executives remains that the Magic seem intent on rolling the dice and keeping Howard for the rest of the season, hoping a long playoff run, emotional ties to Orlando and an extra year and $29 million they could offer would persuade him to stay beyond this season. But the move would be highly risky, given that Howard has refused to publicly commit to the Magic -- a stance that sources view as a strong sign that he'd leave as a free agent if he isn't traded. "He's telling everyone he's leaving," one league source said Sunday.

The Celtics are pretty far from any of these discussions but the impact his eventual trade or free agent signing will have on the league is significant, so it is worth tracking this.