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L.A. Clippers Unwilling To Pay Price To Trade For Shooting Guards

Tonight's opponent the Clippers are still looking for a shooting guard but are still reluctant to part with the assets it would take to get one.

Clippers still looking for the right move - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles

"We're willing to do anything we can to move needle this year," Olshey said. "But unless it's piece for the future that also gives us to win a championship this year, we're not going to give up our longterm flexibility and assets to do that." The price for the top shooting guards being mentioned in trade talks this spring -- Boston's Ray Allen, Portland's Jamal Crawford and Washington's Nick Young -- has so far been too high for the Clippers. Most teams have asked for some combination of young point guard Eric Bledsoe, a future first-round pick and the expiring contracts of Randy Foye or Brian Cook.

It can't help that we already have their pick for this summer (via the Thunder).