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Celtics Owner Wyc Grousbeck Weighs In

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Bling Bling
Bling Bling

Wyc Grousbeck is the main face of the ownership group that bought the Celtics and brought the Big 3 to Boston to win a title and compete for the last few years. He shared some thoughts with the Globe last night.

He started off by saying that he had lunch with Doc and they both believe the team is playing much better and they believe in this team. With that said, he's got his eyes on the future while taking care of the legacy - not always an easy balance.

Celtics brass to proceed with caution at trade deadline - The Boston Globe

"I asked for this responsibility and we, the ownership group, asked for this responsibility, we take it really seriously, we feel like we are trustees of something that’s bigger than ourselves,’’ he said. "The Celtics mean a lot more than the current ownership. It’s a legacy and we want to take good care of it. It’s not always obvious what you should do. When it works out you get one of these shiny [title] rings and it’s awful nice, but we’re always looking for the next one.’’ Grousbeck and team president Danny Ainge will have to determine when to break up the Big Three. "Everybody knows Danny is listening to what’s out there,’’ Grousbeck said. "Everybody knows we feel very sentimental about this team and also feel like they’ve got possibilities this year and we just have to see what happens. We love this team and we have to think short term and long term at the same time.’’

Personally, I've always liked Wyc and his team. They seem like legit fans, they pay up when there's a legit chance for a title, they don't seem to meddle much with Ainge, and they seem committed to bold but well thought out plans for progress. Now it is up to Ainge to follow through with those plans. What he does will reflect on the ownership that has entrusted him with their team.