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Rumor: Ainge Still Asking For A Lot

Won't come cheap.
Won't come cheap.

Once again, it sounds like Ainge is not going to the bargaining table with a discount sign. He's looking for deals if they present themselves, but not just a deal for a deal's sake. Of course the true test of wills comes tomorrow at 3PM.

Ainge gets many looks -

"We talked to the Celtics [team stats] about a few things, but he wants a lot — even for some of those young guys," one league source said. "I think a lot of teams like Avery Bradley, but Danny sees the same thing in him that we do. He’s a kid who could really develop into a player — or even into something more valuable when you talk about another move down the line over the summer or next year."

"He should call us back when he wants to get real," the exec said.

Meanwhile, his long rumored interest in Josh Howard appears to remain.

And at the end of the day, we'll probably still see the team do nothing major and focus on picking someone up to help out at the center spot.

Greg Stiemsma shows his snarling side -

Chris Wilcox is expected to undergo further tests on his heart, perhaps today. Ainge is reportedly waiting for those results before deciding on adding a big man — not an easy task given tomorrow’s trade deadline. "Somehow, until we get another big body, we have to figure it out," said Rivers, who added of Wilcox, "We just don’t know. It’s not a good situation . . . but we just hope for the best."

Don't know if that will be a minor trade or a D-League signing or what. Less than 48 hours from now we'll have a better picture.