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Open Thread on NBA Trade Rumors and Deals

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Feel free to use this to discuss the rumors and deals of the day.

Update: Celtics offered Pierce to Portland?

Broussard: Nets want Howard now

While Boston Celtics boss Danny Ainge has said Rajon Rondo will not be traded, he is still actively seeking offers for members of the Big Three. The Celtics offered Paul Pierce to Portland -- I'm not sure what they asked for in return -- but the Blazers were not interested because of the two years and $32 million remaining on Pierce's contract.

The Clippers also have their eye on Ray Allen and believe they'll have a great chance to sign him as a free agent this summer.


Celtics still on the phones, but nothing imminent

The Celtics player whose name has come up the most in media reports involving the C's and trade talks has been Rajon Rondo, the 26-year-old point guard who is far and away, their most valuable asset because of his age, experience and ability. But multiple league sources on Tuesday said that Ray Allen remains the one Boston player that's most likely to be traded, although there has been a "significant" amount of interest in Avery Bradley as well.

Dwight Howard Trade Rumors FAQ: Answering Burning Questions About The Sweepstakes -

This is where the Dwight saga becomes completely unknowable, and it is for this reason: Otis Smith is completely fricking crazy. Nothing he does would surprise anyone who follows the league closely. He gave Rashard Lewis a $112 million contract. He traded for Gilbert Arenas after the knee problems, after the near-max contract and after the Pick 1 Incident. He let Hedo Turkoglu leave in free agency due to cost concerns, watched Hedo sign an incredibly large deal, watched Hedo vastly underperform that contract with two different teams over the span of a season and a half ... and then traded for Hedo. He gave up Brandon Bass for the opportunity to sign Glen Davis to a multi-year deal.

Dwight Howard: He's determined to leave the Magic for the Nets, either now or later - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

The New Jersey Nets are setting into a motion a plan to sign Howard, re-sign Deron Williams and keep restricted free agent Brook Lopez on an approximate $10 million annual salary, sources said. The Nets are working on several ways to shed several more million dollars of future payroll that will give them the flexibility to re-sign Lopez. The Nets and Charlotte Bobcats have had extensive talks on a deal that would send Boris Diaw’s expiring contract to New Jersey for several players and a first-round pick, sources said. The Nets could clear about $6.5 million in cap room with the trade.