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Mike D'Antoni Resigns

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NBA fans always say that it's always better for the league when the Knicks are relevant. I'm sorry, but I'm reveling in the meltdown that's happening in New York right now. It's made even sweeter that Carmelodrama might have had something to do with Mike D'Antoni's resignation. Let's remember that this was a team that was the toast of the city and the basketball world when Linsanity took over MSG. They've now lost six straight and installed Mike Woodson in the interim. In Woodson's last head coaching stint in Atlanta, he once shaved his eyebrows to improve team morale.

There are rumors that Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan are on James Dolan's speed dial, but I'm guessing that that doesn't happen until this summer. It's times like this that I really appreciate Doc and that five year extension he signed. Regardless of what happens in the next 24 hours with the trade deadline, it's comforting knowing that Doc is at the helm and come this summer, his reputation as a player's coach and a winning coach will attract the right free agents.