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Celtics Pursuing Chris Kaman/Sending Out Mixed Signals

Captain Caveman Chris Kaman would be a perfect fit for the Celtics right now. We're still awaiting news on the prognosis on Jermaine's wrist and Chris Wilcox but if neither can go for the rest of the season, Kaman is more than serviceable. He's another one of those health risk centers, but easily a 15 and 10 player when he's on the court. The rumor is the New Orleans Hornets are willing to deal him for a first round draft pick or even a decent second round pick. The rub is, if he doesn't end up a Celtic this season, there's a good chance he could be in green this summer.

According to a league source, Boston would be on his short list of potential destinations.

"You look at what they need and what he brings to the game . . . it would be a great fit, it really would," the source said. "But a lot of things have to happen, and not happen, before that can come about."

If we can send over some expiring contracts and a pick (preferably the Clippers'), Danny would seriously have to consider it. It makes us better this season and Kaman would presumably be a FA target for us this summer anyway. If I'm New Orleans, I'm angling for either JaJuan Johnson or Avery Bradley and that's where Danny is messing with the proverbial hornet's nest. Does he mortgage a little of the future for today? It's been a weird day for Celtics' trade rumors because a move for Kaman sounds like a "win now" strategy, but the Pierce-To-Portland mutterings is not only sacrilege in my book, but definitely a trade for the future.

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