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Rumor: Dwight Howard Flip Flops Again: Staying In Orlando?

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Hey look, Mickey Mouse ears!  It's a sign.
Hey look, Mickey Mouse ears! It's a sign.

RealGM is reporting that Dwight Howard has flipped his position again. I'm not seeing this on other media outlets yet, and obviously this could change again, so stay tuned. (Update: Seeing this confirmed by others - see details after the break)

Dwight Howard Admits Mistakes Plans To Opt In - RealGM Wiretap

After informing the Magic he would opt-in and delay his free agency on Wednesday, Howard changed his mind before playing the Spurs and looked to be on his way out of Orlando. Both the organization and fans were upset with Howard's actions as it seemed he was trying to manipulate his way to the New Jersey Nets. In the process, he appeared to have relinquished control of his future to agents and advisers that are believed to be pushing him to a larger market. Howard, however, finally had enough and decided to set the record straight. Howard confirmed to RealGM on Wednesday evening that he will terminate his early termination option and stay in Orlando for at least the 12-13 season. Howard also realizes the impact that his indecision has caused and wants to make things right in the city that has watched him grow both professionally and personally since he came into the NBA in 2004 as the first overall pick. "Man, listen, you know my heart, my soul and everything I have is in Orlando," Howard told RealGM. "I just can't leave it behind."

Methinks that Dwight is trying to please everyone and in the process is actually just upsetting everyone.