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NBA Trade Deadline Mid Day Updates

To be updated over the next few hours. Note: the trade deadline is 3PM but teams that are on the phone working on a deal at 3PM can keep working on a deal until it gets completed.


Look, he has to say the things he said, but Boston has every option in play right now. Don't be shocked if Rondo or Ray Allen have a different uniform in three hours.

Sporting News

As the NBA trading deadline approaches, the Boston Celtics are considering offers for members of their Big Three—Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett—with Allen having been the main target for teams all along.Boston wants a young player and/or a good draft pick offered before considering whether to trade Allen.

The Celtics are also fielding calls about second-year point guard Avery Bradley, who has established himself as a top-flight defender. The Kings have asked about Bradley, a source says.

One thing that can be firmly crossed off the Celtics list, according to a source: A trade of point guard Rajon Rondo. Any notion Boston might have had of moving Rondo was contingent on them getting an All-Star quality player in return and, the source said, "nothing like that ever materialized. They still like Rajon in that organization."