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Nets Looking To Sign Kevin Garnett This Summer

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Don't take our KG away!
Don't take our KG away!

According to the tweets below, the Celtics may have to see an angry Kevin Garnett several times next year.

First, Chris Mannix reported the following:

Then Zach Lowe followed up with this:

via Nets Very Interested In Signing Celtics’ Kevin Garnett This Summer

Having tried and failed to get their hands on Dwight Howard at the trade deadline this year, the New Jersey Nets have already turned their attention to other big men who could potentially hit the market this summer. Chief among them, according to SI’s Zach Lowe, is the Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett.

This is not something I'd like to see next year or any year for that matter. Although he has not been a career Celtic, seeing KG in another uniform still would not feel right. Kevin still very much could retire at the end of this year as I remember reports last year that he thought about it after the Heat series. I'm sure whoever gives KG a shot will be getting him at a discounted price and will be very happy come gametime.

For a young team, he brings a role model who can teach and help groom players while giving fans a reason to see a team like the Nets play. For a competitive team, he brings intensity and experience while providing above average offense and great defense at both front court positions. I forgot to add that he's averaging 15.8 points and 8.2 rebounds as well. He still sounds pretty intriguing to me. Why not take him back for another year and let him retire a Celtic if the right oppurtunity presents itself Danny? What do you guys think?