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Celtics Interested In Chris Johnson

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Remember this guy? Doc seems to:

Doc talks Johnson, O'Neal - Boston Celtics Report - Chris Forsberg

Rivers confirmed that the Celtics have interest in recently released Chris Johnson, who had two cups of coffee with the team last season (one in training camp; another on a 10-day contract in February) before being signed by the Blazers. "We thought about just signing him for [Saturday's game] because he had that sensational game there last year in Denver," Rivers joked about Johnson's rushed debut with Boston on the heels of the Kendrick Perkins trade. "We were just going to sign him and say, ‘Run like a gazelle again.’ No, we are [interested]. We’re looking at everybody. Chris is an absolute option, no doubt."

Johnson has averaged 1.6 points, 0.9 rebounds, and 0.4 blocks in 4.7 minutes per game with Portland this season. Maybe we can run out a Johnson & Johnson front line, which would probably be the skinniest in the NBA.