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MacMullan: Ray Allen May Move On In Offseason

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When Jackie MacMullan talks, I listen. When she writes, I read. So while this is not a rumor, it is the informed opinion of a writer that I respect. So I'm passing it along.

MacMullan: Ainge had no choice - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"I really do think Ray [Allen] will move on," she said. "I think he’ll have some great opportunities to do so, I think he’s got some years left in him, and I think he’s a great sniper for a championship team -- could be the Lakers, could be Miami, the Bulls I know would love to have him. So he’s going to have all sorts of options." Garnett’s next move will be more intriguing, she said. "I really thought that he would probably retire. But you know what? He’s feeling great now, he’s feeling better," she said. "And does he want to come back for reduced money, is he willing to come back with a reduced role and reduced money? Because if he is, I think the Celtics would do that. Or does he want to go on to somewhere else and try to win one more championship?"

Hard to say, but i agree and I wouldn't blame Ray or KG if they decided to move on and sign one last contract to finish out their careers elsewhere. Of course I'd also love to see them come back too (for the right price - and assuming we don't fill the roster with other pieces). Just seeing them in different uniforms (even though they spent most of their careers in different uniforms, would be somehow very odd.