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Celtics Lowlights From Night Before St. Patrick's Day

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NBA Boston Celtics Vs Sacramento Kings Highlights Mar 16, 2012 Game Recap (via TheNBAIndia)

Kings run past Celtics -

The Kings were surprisingly staunch defensively, especially considering they had allowed an average of 115 points in their previous three games — losses to Golden State, Detroit and Atlanta. Prior to last night, not many Celtics had paid attention to guard Marcus Thornton. Rivers asked his team to name the Kings’ leading scorer yesterday morning, and only one, Keyon Dooling, knew the answer. But now they know. Thornton sprang for 36 points, including five second half treys, many of them from the same spot on the left side of the circle. "That’s bad defense," said Rivers. "We made some unbelievably bad plays tonight. At one point Jimmer Fredette just drove down the floor on us."

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Hope your day is much better than the Celtics played last night. Best of LUCK to everyone.