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Kevin Garnett: Milestone Man

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Hold your applause to the end please, ...I ain't done yet.
Hold your applause to the end please, ...I ain't done yet.

Sean Grande, the voice of the Celtics on WEEI, points out this amazing statistical milestone for Kevin Garnett.

From The Booth: Statistical Immortality For Kevin Garnett, Statistical Ineptitude for His Team

Kevin Garnett’s next assist, as we covered in Thursday night’s blog, will be the 5,000th of his NBA career.

It will give him 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 5,000 assists.

Two guys have a key to that club.

One is Karl Malone. The other is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Kevin Garnett also has 1,500 steals. Kareem does not.

Kevin Garnett also has 1,500 blocks. Malone does not.

And then, there was one.

We have a great deal of difficulty it seems shuffling current players into the existing deck of the greatest to ever play. We tend to hyperbolize for the sake of the moment, or be too reverent of the players we grew up watching. It's a difficult target to hit. But sometimes, like tonight, the numbers do it for us.

Wow. Just wow.