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Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling: Celtics Comeback Falls Short In Denver

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The team was down double digits for most of the night but rallied their way to within 2 midway through the 4th quarter. They didn't have enough steam to keep the rally going though, and they came up short.

  • Kenneth Faried is a baller. Hustle plays all day long. He's going to be a good one for a long time.
  • Celtics biggest problem is that they can't hustle all day long. They can make a run, like they did in the 4th, but can't sustain it.
  • Losing Paul Pierce to foul trouble didn't help either. Solid game for him with 22 points.
  • KG put in another nice all around game and Rondo chipped in with another 16 assists. These games get forgotten because of the L.
  • Ray Allen, 0-6 from the three point line. That doesn't help.
  • Interesting to see Marquis Daniels get extended time. If this was a few days ago I'd claim they were trying to showcase him.
Oh well, on to the next city.