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Ronny Turiaf Waived; Celtics A Possible Landing Spot?

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Ronny Turiaf is a veteran big man that just got waived by the Nuggets after they acquired him in the Nene deal. Sounds like a guy the Celtics would want to kick the tires on.

Nuggets waive Ronny Turiaf who will go on the buyout black market | ProBasketballTalk

From championship Laker to the Warriors to the Knicks to the Wizards to the Nuggets and now a free agent again. Ronny Turiaf is the definition of an NBA veteran. On Saturday, after being traded to the Nuggets as part of the three-team trade for Nene and JaVale McGee, the Nuggets waived him according to Fox Sports South Florida’s Chris Tomasson. Turiaf will likely get calls from teams looking to add veteran bigs. The Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics, you know the type. Turiaf’s been out with a hand injury for most of this year. It wouldn’t be a total shock to see the Lakers make a move to snag him after he was part of their 2008 Finals run before getting the big payoff from Golden State.


Update 2:

Green Street " Celtics big man search: Ronny Turiaf

The big question with Turiaf is his health. He played only four games for the Wizards due to a broken left hand this season. Turiaf suffered the injury against the Celtics back on Jan. 1 and it was the same hand that he injured over the summer playing for the French national team. He has not played since the injury and he told the Washington Post in early March: "If was just me, choosing to play, I would’ve been back a long time ago. They are putting the strain on myself, on me, because they know sometimes, I may not be the most rational guy when comes to help teammates and to do stuff."

He also has had issues with his heart. You can't make this stuff up.

After he was drafted by the Lakers in 2005, doctors found an enlarged aortic root and he underwent open heat surgery.

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If anyone sees a complete list of recently waived players, I'd like to see it. I don't think I've heard of many "we gotta get that guy" types, but I'm losing track of the names available.