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Set Expectations Low For Any New Big Man

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Chris Forsberg does a good job of leveling expectations for whomever the Celtics pick up as a waiver wire castoff. Any big man would help the injury depleted C's right now, but don't expect him to solve our rebounding woes.

Should C's be interested in Turiaf?

Defensively, the news isn't as sunny. Turiaf is middle of the pack, allowing 0.89 points per play last season (53rd percentile). His career defensive rating is 107 (and was only slightly better in his time with the Lakers than the Warriors and Knicks). And this may be the deal-breaker: Turiaf just isn't that good on the glass. For his career, he's averaged 3.8 rebounds over 17.9 minutes per game, but his total rebound percentage is just 11.9 percent (only slightly better than JaJuan Johnson this season). His career defensive rebounding percentage is 16.7 percent (Wilcox was at 20.2, while Jermaine O'Neal was 19.9 this year).

Boston Celtics aren't aiming high in search for big help - ESPN Boston

The Celtics are interested in seeing if a buyout player becomes available who is more intriguing than a D-Leaguer or someone like Chris Johnson, a 26-year-old with time logged in Boston who was recently waived by the Portland Trail Blazers. Having swung and missed with buyout players Troy Murphy and Carlos Arroyo last season, Celtics coach Doc Rivers acknowledges that buyouts are a bit of a coin flip. "It's all 50/50," Rivers said. "That's probably why they've been bought out. Usually, if a guy's bought out, the other team has pretty much given up on him. And we're thinking we can resurrect whatever we see. Or sometimes the guy's just not happy in the place that he's at. "It's always a risk, but in our case, it wouldn't be much of a risk if the guy was over 6-6. He would still be tall."

Got it. Expectations set at "low."