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J.J. Hickson Reaches Buyout With Kings

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Several reports, including this one by below, say that Celtics' rumored trade deadline target, J.J. Hickson, has been bought out by the Sacramento Kings.

Sacramento Kings buy out J.J. Hickson - NBA - Sporting News

Two years ago, with LeBron James having bolted Cleveland for the Miami Heat, the Cavaliers were hopeful that big man J.J. Hickson was a player around whom they could build their foundation for the future. Hickson did average 13.8 points and 8.7 rebounds that season, but he frustrated coaches and management with repeated mental mistakes and blown defensive assignments. The Cavaliers turned around and traded him to Sacramento at the end of last year.

Things didn’t go much better with the Kings, as Hickson openly longed to be back in Cleveland last month amid a season in which he has averaged just 4.7 points and shot 37.0 percent. Well, Hickson could potentially get his wish, as he and the Kings finalized a buyout of his contract that will make him a free agent.

Just last week immediately before the trade deadline, rumors were circulating that the Celtics were in the midst of trying to deal for J.J. Hickson. Now they may be able to get him for no assets other than some cash if he can clear waivers. Say what you want about Hickson and how the past season and a half has been a downward spiral for him, but just think of the point guards who he's had to play with and circumstances he has been under. Last year he had Ramon Sessions and his whopping 5.2 APG taking up the majority of the PG minutes in Cleveland. This season in Sacramento, he has had to deal with DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson, and Chuck Hayes eating away at his minutes while playing with probably the most shot-happy PG in the league, Tyreke Evans. I'm pretty sure if given a chance, a certain point guard by the name of Rajon Rondo can help solve some of J.J.'s recent problems.

J.J Hickson would be the perfect Chris Wilcox replacement. He has a very similar type of game to Wilcox with a lot more potential at the bright young age of 23. With the deadline for free agent playoff elgibility coming this Friday, the time to take a chance on a player like this is now. The chiseled and athletic Hickson must be drooling for a chance to compete for a contender after last year in Cleveland and having his playing time diminished this season in Sacramento. With Wilcox definitely out for the year and now with reports saying Jermaine O'Neal is in the same scenario, a big man signing is a must. Right now, it looks like that big man will either be Hickson or Ronny Turiaf. I like Turiaf, but in this state of Celtics basketball, the younger player with more potential should be the choice. To me, J.J. Hickson is a no brainer.