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Will Paul Pierce Be Traded?

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It is weird seeing Paul in any color other than green and white.
It is weird seeing Paul in any color other than green and white.

I'm starting a "Will ____ Be Traded" series over the next couple of days just to give us a chance to sound off on each player as we get into rumor season.

Nobody wants to see the Captain go. In fact, seeing Paul Pierce leave town would be nothing short of catastrophic for many fans. Granted, some of those same fans were calling for him to be traded 4 years ago when the team was facing a similar (but vastly different) crossroads moment but obviously a lot has changed since. Most fans (like myself) want to see Pierce retire as a Celtic. But will he get that chance?

He is listed by many as the Celtic with the most trade value. He's still an All Star who can create his own shot and he's under contract for the next couple of years (with favorable buyout options should his play deteriorate quickly). You would think that a contending team would love to add someone like Pierce to their squad. But getting a guy like Pierce means sending out a lot of salary, which could disrupt the core that made a team a contender in the first place. Besides, integrating Pierce into a lineup is going to take time that the lockout shortened season doesn't afford.

While I think that Danny Ainge will listen to offers and would ultimately pull the trigger on a sweetheart deal, I don't see another team stepping up with what it would take to get Pierce. If anything, I'd imagine teams would be low-balling Ainge on the hopes that he would blow up the team. The guess here is that Pierce stays, but maybe that's just my heart telling my head what to think. What do you think?