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Rumor: Celtics Can't Get Value For Rondo

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I have no caption for this.
I have no caption for this.

Here we go again. The rumor show surrounding Rajon Rondo is back for another encore act. Despite Doc and Danny's denials of personality conflicts (and really, what else were they going to say?) the rumors persist that all is not well in Beantown.

Danny Ainge thinks Rajon Rondo stays -

"There are irreconcilable differences between him and the team, and it’s been that way for a couple of years," the source said, citing Rondo’s well-documented stubborn streak. "His value around the league has taken a hit. He’s not exactly the Chamber of Commerce’s man of the year. They’ve been kidding themselves for years. Doc can put an arm around him and give him a kiss and try to make it all better, but that just ain’t happening.

"They’re desperate to (trade Rondo)," the source said of the Celtics. "He’s the only real asset they have. The other guys, the Big Three, aren’t assets at this point. The problem they now face is that he’s an undesirable. This league is full of undesirables, and some are more talented. You can probably get (Minnesota Timberwolves forward) Michael Beasley for less than Rondo, but he’s another guy people don’t want. "All I know right now is that if Ainge is calling me right now, I have him over a barrel."

Round and round it goes. If you ask me, there's quite a bit of hyperbole going on in all of this. Are the Celtics "desperate" to trade Rondo or is he going to be a Celtic for a "very long time?" The truth must fall somewhere in the middle. He's a good player with a stubborn streak and the Celtics would love to use just about any asset they have to get better and that includes Rondo.

If they can get good value for him, they'll pull the trigger and not think twice about it. If they can't, then he and Doc will continue to figure out how to work together like professionals do. If anything, Doc is one of the best in the business at handling personalities, so Boston might just be the ideal place for Rondo.