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Making An Educated Guess About Danny's Deadline Plan

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Trying to make sense of trade rumors with varying degrees of credibility is an exercise in futility. That's never stopped us before, though, so let's see if we can read the tea leaves a bit and guess what direction Danny is looking*.

In recent days, the Celts have been linked to Josh Smith, Leandro Barbosa (if you missed that rumor, pop this article into google's translator), and Michael Beasley. All three of those players are guys who can get up and down the floor, and fit into a running style. Barbosa is one of the fastest players in the NBA, and Smith of course is one of the most athletic.

Now, with Barbosa and Beasley, maybe it just means that Danny wants some added offense off the bench. With Smith in the picture, though, that suggests that Danny might be starting the rebuilding process. If so, it seems clear that he envisions a young, athletic, transition-oriented team. Who would be a fantastic fit on such a team? A certain Rajon Rondo. Maybe, just maybe, this is a sign that Danny truly has decided to rebuild around Rajon, and is trying to put a team on the floor that plays to his strengths.

Of course, as noted above, we don't know if any of these rumors are true. Just last week, the Celts were linked to Pau Gasol, who would fit a "win now" philosophy more. Most likely, Danny is out there gauging value, and is keeping his options open while doing due diligence in a number of different directions. Still, it's fun to imagine a Celtics team that is young and athletic, and runs other teams out of the gym.

* If this article is incoherent, forgive me. It's written from the hospital as we wait for Baby Girl Hobbs to be induced. We can't wait. And yes, I did just make this about me, but I'm a pretty proud soon-to-be papa.