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Stats Prove, Better Teammates Make Better Point Guards

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Seems only appropriate on the day of the MIT Sloan Stats Analytics conference that we look at some advanced stats. Bullets Forever took a look at the impact of teammates on a point guard's assist totals.

The John Wall Missed Assist Tracker: Looking At How Many Assists Wall's Teammates Cost Him - Bullets Forever

The prevailing argument by many Washington Wizards fans and people who follow the league is that John Wall's bad teammates cost him assist opportunities by missing shots. As a team, the Wizards rank 27th in the league in effective field goal percentage, 29th in the league in three-point shooting and 28th in the league in points per possession on spot-up attempts, according to There's plenty of surface evidence to support that point of view out there.

See the link above for the stats, but what was interesting to Celtics fans is the comparison they did with Rajon Rondo.

Rajon Rondo Missed Assist Tracker: Looking At How Rondo's Teammates Help His Numbers - Bullets Forever

Rondo's missed assists per game number is 7.6, which is far lower than Wall's 9.8 by a wide margin. If you add Rondo's assists with his missed assists (9.6 + 7.6 = 17.2) it's almost exactly the same number of assist opportunities as John Wall (7.6 + 9.8 = 17.4). Rondo's Boston teammates convert 55.9 percent of his assist chances into actual assists, while Wall's Wizards convert only 43.9 percent of his chances.

All of which leads to an interesting question. Take away Rondo's HOF teammates (like, say, they probably will this summer) and how good of a point guard can he really be? Of course the answer for both John Wall and Rajon Rondo (and to be fair, just about any young star) is that you just need to put good teammates around them to get the most out of them.