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Ryan Hollins Is Available

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Jermaine O'Neal is officially out for the remainder of the season and the Friday deadline is still looming for playoff-eligible pick ups. The search continues for front court help. With ex-Celtic Chris Johnson picked up by the New Orleans and recently waived J.J. Hickson heading to the Warriors, I'm sure Danny will kick the tires on Ronny Turiaf and Josh Powell, but--call me crazy--but with what's out there right now, I'd take a flyer out on Ryan Hollins who was cut by the Cavaliers today.

Critics are quick to point out that he's a terrible rebounder and limited on offense, but what I like about Hollins is that he's got a little crazy in him. I've been very complimentary with Danny's personnel choices since the lockout; he's signed blue collar guys that aren't going to disrupt the chemistry and turn to Twitter to make fools of themselves. In the limited time I've seen Hollins play in Minnesota and Cleveland, he plays with a little KG in him. Now, that might be because he's usually going head-to-head with Garnett and KG is known to rile opposing players up, but I like the idea of throwing in Hollins' 7-foot frame when the bench needs a little juice.