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Diaw Creates Celtics' Best Chance To Score In Free Agency

I have a confession to make. It's nothing really bad, but I guess more embarrassing than anything and an action along with a thought process that many of you visitors and contributors to this site would certainly question. To defend myself before I admit the inevitable, I'd first like to say that I think the Celtics could indeed do something special in the playoffs. This "something special" may not be winning a championship or even making it to the finals as these were the main goals each of the last four years. This "something special" would be a great accomplishment within itself and an occurrence that would surely enlighten this era of Boston Celics history. I truly believe that these Celtics, in most likely their last run with the Core-4, could absolutely rock the Garden one more time while knocking one of the youth-laden "superteams" out of the playoffs here in the Eastern Conference. In order for this to happen though, this team must add another player by Friday's free agent playoff eligibility deadline. There is currently one available player whom the Celtics could sign by Friday that gives this team their best chance of making some noise in the playoffs. Who that player is? That answer has to do a lot with my confession.

For the past 15 hours of my life, I must admit that there has not been 25 minutes where I did not refresh my phone's Google Search toolbar with the phrase "Boris Diaw Celtics" inside of it. Stop shaking your head and take in my words just for a few moments here and you may appreciate this confession a little bit more than you do you right now. Whatever you do, don't scroll down to my colleague Bill's (wjsy) article about the Diaw buyout news and look at his waste area. Also don't look at the numbers right now, I don't want to hear anything about his "rebound rate" or any statistics other than maybe assists and points. The addition of Boris Diaw is solely about winning, and his possible addition gives this team their best chance to win.

Boris Diaw is a 6'8 PF/ C whose best days in the NBA are probably his rearview mirror. He's a below average rebounder and doesn't block many shots. He plays ok defense while possessing a decent mid range , soft enough touch around the basket, and three point range. Although he may fall short to his peers in these categories, Boris Diaw has one aspect his game that any team in the NBA can appreciate. Boris passes the ball and creates offense for his teammates better than just about any other big man in the league. Doesn't it sound simple enough? Surrounding the Core-4 with somebody whose most overwhelming strength is to find them in scoring positions doesn't sound like a great idea? Sure Rondo is the best at that, but you couldn't see a slashing Rondo at the rim receiving a slick behind the back pass from Diaw at the top of the key for an easy deuce? Inside out, Boris turning down a shot for a quick pass to Ray, Pierce, or Pietrus for a three wouldn't be a normal occurrence? I forgot to mention how much I love when inside players create for one another passing up questionable shots for easy makes within the blink of an eye. KG and Bass could have quite a few field days next to Diaw. I hope this is starting to make a little sense for you now because I've convinced myself that this signing NEEDS to happen.

Furthermore, during this whole KG-Ray-Rondo-Pierce era, has there ever been a fifth player on the court with this group known as even an above average passer at their respective position? Think of the players we've seen regularly enough during these past four and a half years. I'll actually do it for you and list each of them right here in a timely manner: Sam Cassell, Eddie House, James Posey, Leon Powe, P.J. Brown, Glen Davis, Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine, Kendrick Perkins, Stephon Marbury, Rasheed Wallace, Nate Robinson, Michael Finley, Marquis Daniels, Shelden Williams, Jeff Green , Shaquille O'Neal, Jermaine O'Neal, Nenad Kristic, Semih Erden, Delonte West, Sasha Pavlovic, Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass, Greg Steimsma, Mikeal Pietrus, Chris Wilcox. How many times combined do you think this group of players really wowed you by setting a teammate up for a score? You don't have to look as far as another site to believe the fact that this number is very small. The names on this list tell the whole story.

Boris Diaw may have some flaws and is not the player that he once was, but Danny Ainge has to give this a chance. Sign another PF/C along with Diaw such as Ryan Hollins, Ronnie Turiaf, or even Rasheed Wallace (now it looks like Hollins) as this team clearly needs a couple of big men to add to this injury depleted frontcourt. If Diaw fails then give this other big a shot. Adding Diaw to the rotation may make something happen, though, and it could make something click where no other player in free agency has this type of power. Lastly, when are we ever going to be able to witness the results of this Core-4 playing with a great distributing big? If not now, then the answer is most likely never. "Boris Diaw to the Boston Celtics." Lets give that headline a shot tomorrow Danny and we'll at least be able to witness these results that I can only dream of today.

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