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Bucking the Trend

The Celtics rolled into Milwaukee tonight to face a Bucks team that was seemingly hitting its stride. The Monte Ellis addition to the herd of Bucks seemed like a great reason to keep the trend going for their seventh win in a row. However the Celtic crafty Leprechauns Bucked the Trend and handled the young Milwaukee Bucks from start to finish,

  • Paul PIerce looked solid tonight and his shots look crisp and his legs looked fresh.
  • Rondo was a playmaker tonight and looked in control throughout the game.
  • KG seemed fresh as well and hit shots both inside and out tonight.
  • Bass, who I thought was going to pull up lame in the second quarter, also played a rock steady game of boards and key shots.
  • Steamer played a good game, hit a few shots, blocked two shots that I saw, but zero respect from the refs. There were some terrible calls made on Steamer.
  • Ray Allen was way off tonight but it mattered not as the Celtics "Bucked the Trend" and played a nice solid well executed game tonight. Heck...even Dooling looked decent. I also thought Bradley played very well as usual on defense and disrupted the Bucks offense.

Ready to beat the Sixers? I am!!! Go Celtics!!!!

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