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Don't Expect The Celtics To Add Another Big

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It's looking like the Celtics roster you see is the one that you're likely to get, at least for the immediate future:

Will C's add another body? - Chris Forsberg - ESPN Boston

With Jermaine O'Neal out for the season as he preps for left wrist surgery, the Celtics have potential roster flexibility if they desired to buy out the rest of his contract and free a spot.

But Celtics coach Doc Rivers hinted Sunday that there's no players that were made available before Friday's playoff eligibility waiver deadline that currently interest the team. Which means the Celtics would likely only make a move for two reasons: 1) Emergency regular-season depth or 2) To add a player to the roster in order to have them part of the team during the summer workouts and get first crack at being a part of the team next year.

...Even though Rivers had previously said the team might be interested in adding two bigs to help grind through the regular season after losing both O'Neal and Chris Wilcox in recent weeks, he backed off that talk and it appears the team is content with the mere addition of Ryan Hollins.

"Honestly, I'd be surprised if we brought a big in," said Rivers.

I suppose this isn't a huge surprise, as most of the big men likely to make an impact have signed elsewhere. Still, with JO essentially wasting a roster spot at this point, it makes one wonder if the Celtics could have made an acquisition at the trade deadline to bolster either our current or future roster.

While the team may not be adding a big, there's the possibility they'll add a free agent from the D-League to get an early look at them heading into the summer. The team has done this in the past with Tony Gaffney and Oliver Lafayette. If there's some prospect that Danny is truly in love with, it probably makes sense to sign him to a pro-rated minimum deal with a non-guaranteed option for next season. (I'd love to see the team do this with Greg Oden, but that's probably a pipe dream.)