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Rumor: Blazers Interested in Danny Ainge?

Danny Ainge has a plan. That's what we keep telling ourselves (well, some us anyway). But what if that plan is an exit plan? What if, when the dust settles, Ainge decides to ride off into the sunset with the Big 3 and take up residence on the West Coast? The Blazers might just be interested.

Blazers Insider: Blazers reopen search for general manager |

If Kerr is still committed to his family, and turns down the interest from the Blazers, there are other possibilities. Is Danny Ainge going to stay in Boston? If not, the Eugene native has a track record of executing the exact move the Blazers need this summer: taking good draft picks and turning them into gold, like he did when he traded the No. 5 overall pick (Jeff Green) to Seattle for Ray Allen, then trading Al Jefferson and expiring contracts for Kevin Garnett. In one season, the Celtics went from the cellar to NBA champions.

Now, don't get too worried (or excited, depending on your perspective). Danny has a solid ownership group that has supported him in good times and bad (who knows what's happening in Portland these days?). He also has Doc locked and loaded on a long term deal and a chance to start from scratch this summer. What more could he want? Except maybe a new challenge, but I don't see it happening.

Oh, and in other news, the Nets are still going to go after KG this summer. In cast you forgot the last report saying the same thing a few weeks ago.