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Rondo Getting Support From All Around

Been there, done that kid.  You'll get through it.
Been there, done that kid. You'll get through it.

First it was Doc and Danny coming out to defend and support Rajon Rondo. Now it is former and current greats Bob Cousy and Paul Pierce.

Cousy: Trading Rondo would be a mistake

Cousy believes Celtics GM Danny Ainge would be making a big mistake if he trades Rondo by the March 15 deadline. "I’m out of the loop, but boy, unless he’s a serial killer on the side I wouldn’t let this kid go," Cousy said by phone. "I don’t know where you’d find a better point guard." The 83-year-old Hall of Famer conceded that Rondo, a three-time All-Star, is a poor perimeter shooter who struggles from the foul line, but said, "He overcomes that because he’s such a strong penetrator and a good finisher. He sees the floor well, he’s a force on both backboards, and he’s an excellent defender for that position. I think he touches all the bases."

Hearing Cousy praise Rondo must be something along the lines of Russell accepting Kevin Garnett as a Celtic. It must make him feel really good to hear that praise from the Godfather of point guards.

It also must help to hear encouragement from his teammates, especially ones that have faced "maturity" questions and trade rumors in Boston before (only to come out on top).

Green Street " Paul Pierce consoles Rajon Rondo: ‘I was part of trade rumors… four or five straight years’

"Well it’s nothing we haven’t been through before," Pierce said after dropping 27 on the Nets in Boston’s 107-94 win that once again put the Celtics above .500 at 18-17. "Rondo’s been through it, I’ve been though it a number of times. The thing is you have to do your job, you can’t let that affect you. I kind of mentioned it to Rondo today, you know I was part of trade rumors for probably four or five straight years. I just didn’t let it affect me on how I approached each and every game. You know whatever happens, happens, it’s business. Sometimes you don’t have control of it."

Glad to hear all this support for Rondo. I hope they'll have a lot more chances to support him in Boston over the years.