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No Real Timetable for Mickael Pietrus Return

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Recoveries from Injuries are hard to predict. Recoveries from concussions (from what I understand) are near impossible to predict. So with that backdrop, here's your quasi-update on Mickael Pietrus.

Doc Rivers hopes for Mickael Pietrus by playoffs -

There is still no word on when Mickael Pietrus will be able to take the tests that will determine when he can resume playing, but Doc Rivers doesn’t hold out much hope he’ll be on the court before the playoffs. "I can’t imagine it being any sooner," the Celtics [team stats] coach said before last night’s 100-79 win against Minnesota. "When I talked to him two days ago, he was talking about next week. But he has a concussion. That’s the way I looked at the conversation. But I don’t know. He may be right, but I doubt that. I would think with the severity of that injury, we would be very happy if he could return by the playoffs."

Best of health first Mickael. Don't rush back to the court before you are ready. Hey, maybe Scal can hook you up with one of his sweet padded headbands.

In other news, our former centers are gone but not yet forgotten.

Jermaine O'Neal underwent a successful arthroscopic procedure on his left wrist yesterday at New England Baptist Hospital. The day before, Chris Wilcox underwent successful aortic reconstruction at the Cleveland Clinic.