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Linsanity Comes To Boston on ABC (Knicks vs. Celtics)

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The preview team does such a fantastic job with these previews but I don't have the time or skill to duplicate what they do. So please accept this humble truncated preview.

The last time the Celtics and Knicks played, Boston won by 2 points. Jeremy Lin played just 6 minutes and scored only 2 points. The Celtics were 12-10 and the Knicks were 8-15.

The next game, Linsanity began when Lin led the Knicks to a win over the Nets. Basically a lot has changed since then (even though it has only been about a month).

Right now, there are some interesting similarities between the two teams. Both have younger point guards that are arguably the best players on their teams despite playing with higher profile and pedigreed teammates. There are some questions about how their game fits with those teammates but when everything is clicking it is hard to stop them. Both teams are hovering at the .500 mark but have the potential to climb higher in the standings (or drop off as well). Both teams may just be fatally flawed, but the Heat and Bulls would not find either one to be an easy out in the first round (and an upset is not out of the question).

Matchup to Watch: I don't know, pick one:

  • Rondo vs. Lin should be a lot of fun and will get the most attention.
  • Pierce vs. Carmelo seldom disappoints (last time they played was basically a shootout between the two).
  • Garnett vs. Chandler works because Tyson is essentially a poor man's (and younger) KG

Injury Watch:

  • Ray Allen (sick) missed practice but will likely play.
  • Avery Bradley (ankle) was listed by Doc as doubtful, but says he wants to play.

Next Game

New York Knicks
@ Boston Celtics

Sunday, Mar 4, 2012, 1:00 PM EST
TD Garden

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Should be a fun game on ABC. Enjoy.