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Sorry, I Gave Up Jeremy Lin Puns For Lint (Oops)

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Nothing easy.
Nothing easy.

Jeremy Lin struggled most of the game (in part due to foul trouble) but made up for it late in the 4th helping the Knicks to pull within 1. Then Carmelo and the rest of this teammates stepped up and took the lead. Pierce then stepped up himself and hit a huge, contested 3 pointer to tie the ballgame with just seconds left, ultimately forcing overtime. The Celtics made the most of the opportunity finishing off the Knicks in overtime.

You could make an argument for Pierce as the player of the game with his 34 points and his clutch shot at the end of regulation, but I think I'm giving it to Rondo for his gaudy triple double numbers (20 assists! 17 rebounds!) and for his part in limiting Jeremy Lin for much of the game.

Rondo finished with 20 assists and the Knicks as a team had 23. Wow.