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Jeff Green Is An Inspiration To The Celtics

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More Green is always a good thing
More Green is always a good thing

Would it be possible to have Jeff Green travel with the team full time? Because every time he comes around something special happens. He sat on the bench with the team yesterday and they won a big Division game behind Rondo's historic stat line and Pierce's heroic clutch play.

Jeff Green gives lift as he sits -

Green's presence clearly has been an inspiration in his former locker room.

"He's doing great, looks great," Rivers said. "Just good to see him. What he's gone through, it's a good thing for us every time he comes around. There's only so much you can do to keep him involved, but he's been around for the last two weeks. He's been going to the doctor every two days. It's a miracle in a lot of ways."

Allow me to present exhibit B. Back on January 23, Green visited the team briefly - just after his surgery...

Jeff Green visits Celtics - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"It was awesome, it was great," said Rivers. "We kidded around a lot. We brought him in in the morning, at the [team] breakfast [before shootaround], and it’s really cool. I’m amazed, obviously, that two weeks ago [he had surgery] and he’s walking around and he looks normal. "Obviously, because some of us are sarcastic, we made a mention that he’s walking around and, '[the Celtics injured guys] can’t play. How tough are you?' And the guys got a big kick out of that. It's good to see him. He’s a good kid, really good kid. The best news of the day is that he’ll be able to play again. At least right now that’s what they’re saying. And that’s unbelievable."

The result: The Celtics won those two huge wins against the Magic and the team went on its best run of the season (winning 9 of 10 games).

So again I say, more Jeff Green please! (and get healthy soon Jeff)