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The Truth Hurts Mike D'Antoni & The Knicks

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So close, yet so far.
So close, yet so far.

Somewhat lost in the Rajon Rondo show was the big boy, step up shot that Paul Pierce made to send the game to overtime. Without that shot (which was contested and off balance) Rondo wouldn't have had overtime to increase his stats and the stats wouldn't have meant nearly as much in a losing effort.

With that said, the dagger shot that we've come to know and love from Pierce didn't exactly feel that great to the guys on the other side.

Truth, if you like it or not -

Pierce’s shot, in particular, left the Knicks coach in a slow burn. "I don’t know if that’s execution — that’s having a horseshoe up your rear," D’Antoni said. "That’s what Paul Pierce does, though. He hit a hard shot, that’s what he does. (Carmelo Anthony) hit a hard shot, that’s what he does, and then Paul hit a dagger. You’ve got to give him credit with that, but there’s no execution with that one. That’s just going out and making a shot."

Even Paul himself had to sit back and appreciate the moment.

Celtics’ moment of need brings out the Truth -

"The great players, they really like to play in these types of games," said Pierce, who has regained his groove after a brief shooting slump. "They like to step up, as you saw tonight. Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Rondo, myself, ’Melo hit some big shots. That’s what makes the game of basketball and these types of games versus New York so fun because you always see the great players rise to the finish."

I've said it a thousand times and I'll keep saying it. You can never fully count out a team with Paul Pierce on it.