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Kevin Garnett Actually Thriving At Center

I will hold my breath until you stop breathing in my face.
I will hold my breath until you stop breathing in my face.

He may not like it, but Kevin Garnett might actually be a better fit at center.

On Kevin Garnett, playing center

Garnett’s offensive production spikes when he’s at the five, according to He goes from dominant to merely good defensively, but the Celtics will take that tradeoff considering scoring points has been by far their biggest problem this season. "He’s so smart defensively," coach Doc Rivers said. "They will be bigger but they have to be awfully smart to score on him. He’s so crafty. At four there’s a lot of fours as quick or quicker, now all of a sudden he’s the fastest five. When he pops and rolls that’s a five trying to get back to him and they can’t catch him." Over the last five games at center, Garnett has scored 104 points and grabbed 51 rebounds. He’s recorded double-doubles in three straight and seven of his last eight games and the Celtics have won four straight with him starting next to Brandon Bass.

As noted below by Anthony, the move also puts Brandon Bass, our 5th best player, in the starting lineup where he belongs. Seems like a winning combination.