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Bulpett: Maybe The Lottery Wouldn't Be So Bad

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Steve Bulpett takes a look at the Celtics current situation and thinks that the Celtics wouldn't be so bad off if they took a step back and missed the playoffs this year.

Celts react to evidence -

So Ainge would be out of his mind not to see what every player in his employ would fetch. It’s also fair to assume he’s been doing that all along — and according to multiple league sources, there just hasn’t been much call for the Big Three.

It’s also interesting to hear cries for the Celtics to blow things up or rebuild on the fly, when they’ve already tried (offering Ray Allen to Sacramento for Kevin Martin in 2010). And by making sure Allen’s deal expired with Kevin Garnett’s and not signing Glen Davis to a multiyear deal and avoiding players who might make them marginally better but handcuff them in the longer run, the Celts have given themselves a fairly clean slate. It was a timed implosion.

The belief here, too, is that the Celtics wouldn’t mind getting worse to get better . . . you know, buy a lottery ticket. If they could find a deal that got them something for the future (a draft pick or the rights to a currently entwined foreigner) but hurt them this year to the point they missed the playoffs, a lucky bounce of the ping-pong balls might be the best thing that could happen to this club. Or do you forget what a Mr. T. Duncan did for San Antonio’s fortunes?

A week or two ago this opinion was all the rage on with many Celtics fans. Funny how a winning streak changes things. Or does it. Sometimes it is hard to tell without putting up a poll, so that's what I'll do.

Of course everyone would prefer to win a Championship (or at least make a good showing). But if you start (like Steve does) with the assumption that this team isn't good enough to beat the Bulls or Heat in a first or second round series, then you have an interesting choice to make. See the poll.