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Doc Counting Jermaine O'Neal Out For The Season

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Prior to the Houston game, Scott Souza of the Metrowest Daily News reports that Doc doesn't expect JO will be coming back this season due to the flare up of the wrist injury he incurred last spring.

Rivers told the media that it "obviously doesn't look good" for his chances of returning to the Celtics the more time O'Neal debates whether to have surgery on his wrist, and he's prepared to ride this rotation out under the assumption that whether O'Neal has the surgery or not he won't be available to the team down the stretch.

"If he plays for us," Rivers said, "it's a bonus."

Doc has already committed to roll with Brandon Bass as a starter beside KG, who's been shining at center, and have Wilcox, JJ and "the Stiemer" as the back-up bigs . . . unless a trade happens.

An expiring contract is all the C's can count on from JO this season.