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Celtics Beat Rockets: A Little Extra Effort Gets The Win

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Ray carried us to overtime.
Ray carried us to overtime.

Up and down, up and down. Just like the rest of the season this game was all over the map. In the 3rd quarter it didn't really look like the Celtics had any business hoping to win this game but when you have defense and Ray Allen you're never really out of it. Ray went on a scoring binge to force overtime and in the extra session the Big 3 took turns stepping up and securing the win.

  • Rondo had 9 assists in the first quarter. Just 3 after that.
  • He also blew a wide open layup that might have given us the win in regulation. He ditched the headband at some point but it didn't do much good.
  • Celtics were out-rebounded 57-38 and still won. Jaw dropping.
  • Nice fill-in work by Stiemsma with 8 points while Brandon Bass was getting his ankle taped.
  • Hope Bass is ok. He returned to the game but didn't look like himself near the end.
  • 30 points (and a key hustle play at the end of OT) for Pierce.
  • Another double double and solid all around game by KG.
  • We're now can take the lead in the Atlantic Division if we beat the Sixers tomorrow. That would put us in the 4 seed if the season ended then.