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Trade Rumor: Clippers Interested In Ray Allen

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I hope Ray stays.
I hope Ray stays.

I suppose this isn't new information, but it is further confirmation that the Clippers are interested in Ray Allen and it adds some context to the rumor. Don't you just love NBA trade rumor season?

NBA PM: Clippers Pursuing Shooting Guards | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors

Over the next week and a half, the Los Angeles Clippers will make a strong push to acquire a starting shooting guard, according to multiple sources close to the situation. Ever since Chauncey Billups’ season ended due to a torn left Achilles tendon, the Clippers have been searching for a replacement two-guard. The Clippers have expressed interest in Ray Allen and Jamal Crawford, according to sources. The Boston Celtics aren’t actively shopping Allen, but they are listening to offers. It’s unclear what Boston would want in exchange for Allen, but the two teams will continue to talk as the deadline approaches. Los Angeles will have some competition as they pursue Allen, since many teams have expressed interest in the 36-year-old shooting guard. Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro was Allen’s teammate on the Milwaukee Bucks from 1998-2000.

Last night proved once again that Ray would be a valuable asset for any contender. Of course, last night was also a perfect example of why the Celtics might just want to keep him around for a while longer.

One blogger from ClippsNation (SBNations's Clippers blog) offered a trade proposal to consider. NOTE: This is NOT a rumor. Just a trade idea from a Clippers fan. See after the break.

A lot of Clips Nation citizens have talked of Paul Pierce, but that's unrealistic. Not only do I doubt the C's trade him, but the salary implications for the Clippers would force the deal to become a major blockbuster with the Celtics taking back long-term contracts- which defeats the purpose. So, of course, I'm inquiring about Ray Allen. Here's the offer.

Clippers Trade:

  • Eric Bledsoe (3.3 million, 2 years remaining with a 2.6 million team option for year 3)
  • Randy Foye (4.00 million, expiring)
  • Brian Cook (1.22 million, expiring)
  • 2015 second round pick- Memphis
  • 2015 second round pick- New Orleans

Celtics Trade:

  • Ray Allen (10.00 million, expiring)

My thoughts: Bledsoe is an interesting prospect but only makes sense if Danny decides to blow up the team. I don't think he helps us out now and I'm not sure how much of an upgrade over Avery Bradley he would be. Foye and Cook don't do much for me and neither do the 2nd round picks. In short, I'll take my chances with Ray and hope he signs an extension at a lower cost in the offseason.

Ray Allen clutch as 4th-quarter assassin - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Allen finished the game with 21 points on 7-of-15 shooting, but 11 of those came in the fourth quarter and overtime, as he struggled with his shot through the opening three quarters, converting on just three of his nine field goal attempts. "I had a couple early in the game that didn't go in for me, and I was watching how they were guarding me," Allen said after the game. "So as the fourth quarter came along, every time I got the ball, I knew they were trying to run me off the 3, so I said, 'This 3 is going to be on my terms.'"

Green Street " Ray Allen comes through in the clutch again, this time using a ‘Top Gun’ move

It’s a move that’s vintage Ray Allen. He catches a pass from Brandon Bass with just under 40 seconds remaining and the Celtics trailing by a point. Allen sees Courtney Lee charging at him in desperation to get a hand in his face. "When Lee jumped at me, I knew I was going to fake him and let him fly by me," Allen said. "It’s like one of my favorite moves, Top Gun, I put on the brakes and let him fly by."

Trading Ray would be really hard in my mind. Provided we don't decide to "blow it up" then you'd need to get a guy that would help out now and a pick or player that had potential for the future.