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Celtics Trade Rumor Mill Is Quiet So Far

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Holding on to our guys?
Holding on to our guys?

The NBA trade rumor season is a funny thing. Sometimes the rumor mill churns out a new piece of gossip each day. Sometimes it goes quiet. What does it all mean? That's what we'd like to find out (and why you are here so often this close to the deadline).

As we've mentioned already, things are very quiet so far. In fact, the only recent rumor we've had was that the Clippers were interested in Ray Allen. Sounds like they weren't willing to give up what it would take to get him.

Doc Rivers expects Celtics to stand pat at deadline - The Boston Globe

The Celtics have the expiring contracts of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Jermaine O’Neal to offer in trade, but according to an NBA source, they will not give away those commodities for other teams’ unwanted contracts or young players with uncertain futures. The Clippers reportedly have an interest in Allen but are only willing to give up veteran guard Mo Williams, who has a player option for $8.5 million next season and has asked the team for an extension. With the emergence of Avery Bradley and the potential of second-round pick E’Twaun Moore, it’s highly unlikely the Celtics would acquire an aging backup point guard. Because of O’Neal’s wrist injury, the Celtics could use another big man to provide quality minutes in the post, but those types aren’t readily available.

As for Rajon Rondo, expect him to be around a while longer as well.

Kevin Garnett keeps adding to career marks -

"No," Ainge said of whether he’s fielding a lot of Rondo-related calls. "I know 99.9 percent of the NBA believes these trade rumors, but I think other general managers know how we feel about him. I’ve had some calls, but nothing is imminent for anyone on our team right now." Never say never, though. Ainge, asked about the chances of the current C’s roster staying the same after the March 15 trade deadline, said, "I really don’t know."

How about a minor deal? Well, we'll see, but nobody is holding their breath.

Green Street " Get ready for the longest week of the season

The Celtics desperately need someone tall to help their thin frontline. Jermaine O’Neal‘s absence while he contemplates wrist surgery has opened up a starting position for Brandon Bass, but they are getting annihilated on the boards. They may wait to see if anyone is bought out of their contracts after the deadline — think Chris Kaman — because they don’t have much to offer in trade.

With all that said, nobody saw the Kendrick Perkins trade coming last year either. That isn't meant to sound ominous, it just comes out that way. Point is, sometimes the biggest deals happen very quietly (Deron Williams to New Jersey for instance) and sometimes the loudest rumors never come close to happening. That's just the nature of these things.


Celtics GM Danny Ainge deals with history, reality as trade deadline looms

There is the much-discussed possibility of trading point guard Rajon Rondo, whose reputation for stubbornness and clashes with coach Doc Rivers are well-known around the league. Even with that reputation, Rondo might already be the Celtics’ best player, a 26-year-old, three-time All Star. But league executives know that Ainge could be a motivated seller when it comes to Rondo, and there is little chance he will get fair value. “There’s no way they’re going to get talent-for-talent in a Rondo deal,” one general manager told Sporting News. “There’s a perception that if Doc Rivers, who’s such a player’s coach, has had a hard time with him, my coach is going to have a worse time with him.”